Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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Calibration Facilities

The Sensor and Data Team calibrates meteorological aircraft sensors to measure pressure, temperature and humidity. Therefore fully automated calibration facilities were developed. These calibration fa...
Related Topics: Geophysics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Measurement of the Seebeck coefficient at intermediate temperature (80–800 K)

The Seebeck coefficient is an essential feature of thermoelectric materials. It is the decisive parameter for the generation of a thermoelectric voltage by a TEG and for the signal responsivity of a t...
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Helmholtz-University Young Investigators Group

Helmholtz-University Young Investigators Group for "New Optical Measurement Techniques for Turbomachinery Diagnostics"
Related Topics: Energy Production and Conversion Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

BEinGRID - Business Experiments in Grid

This European Integrated Project will undertake a series of targeted business experiment pilots designed to implement and deploy Grid solutions in a broad spectrum of European business sectors.
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics


As part of the EU Seventh Framework Program, the EnerGEO project was established to devise a strategy for estimating the influence of the exploitation and use of energy resources on the environment an...
Related Topics: System Analysis Environment Pollution Geophysics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Supersonic Combustion

Cruising at very high speeds such as 8 times the speed of sound requires new type of propulsion systems. Research on supersonic combustion ramjet, scramjet, is carried out in international cooperation...
Related Topics: Propellants and Fuels Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
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