Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

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National Aviation Research Project: HDV2015

As developing modern aviation engines becomes more and more challenging with respect to reliability, degree of efficiency and weight, highly developed design tools are needed. These are connected with...
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics


In the framework of the joint project R&E TURB (Robust and efficient turbines for turbofans, geared turbofans and next generation turboshaft engines) of the Aeronautics Research Program IV the Numeric...
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Department Fluid Systems (AS-FLY)

In the Department Fluid Systems, geometrically and physically induced multi-scale problems of aerodynamics, fluid mechanics and aero-acoustics are investigated based on numerical simulations and exper...
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics


Computational Fluid Dynamics is a key enabler for meeting the strategic goals of future air transportation. However, the limitations of today’s numerical tools reduce the scope of innovation in aircra...
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Airport Management Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance
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