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TELIS (an acronym for TErahertz and Submillimeter LImb Sounder) is a balloon-borne three-channel heterodyne spectrometer financed by DLR and developed at its Remote Sensing Technology Institute in the...
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Remote Sensing Complex PRIRODA

In the second quarter of 1994 there will be launched and docked to the Russian space station MIR a dedicated remote sensing module named PRIRODA. Originally the launch was planned for the end of 1993,...
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Calibration Home Base

The Calibration Home Base (CHB) is an optical laboratory for the calibration of airborne hyperspectral sensors and field spectrometers.
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EUFAR starts Funding of Transnational Access to European Research Aircraft

Within EUFAR researchers from European countries which do not operate similar infrastructures can apply for funding of flight hours. EUFAR is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative that brings togeth...
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Der kritische Moment bei der Rückkehr aus dem Weltraum ist der Eintritt in die Erdatmosphäre. Temperaturen von bis zu 2.000 Grad Celsius beanspruchen Material und Raumfahrzeug auf das Äußerste. Das In...
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