Instrumentation and Photography

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Department Information Processing of Optical Systems

The department IOS possesses a substantial pool of expertise in sensor systems for optical exploration, involving their design, development, implementation and testing, particularly of algorithms and ...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration

IPS - Integrated Positioning System

IPS (Integrated Positioning System) is a system for ego motion estimation without any prior knowledge of the environment. It is capable to operate in buildings, tunnels, etc. as well as outdoor spaces...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography

Dornier 228-101

The Dornier 228-101 serves as a universal flying research platform for various experiments, as there are laminar flow investigation, testing of sensors, validation of flight guidance systems for traff...
Related Topics: Electronics and Electrical Engineering Instrumentation and Photography

CWP - Controller Working Position

This prototype of an integrated Controller Working Position with A-SMGCS has been developed within the project TARMAC with the help of airport controllers. It consists out of a Traffic Situation Dis...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography
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