Lasers and Masers

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CHAMP - CHAllenging Minisatellite Payload

CHAMP provides important contributions for geo-scientific research and information about the physics of the atmosphere.
Related Topics: Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space) Lasers and Masers


CHARM-F is a newly developed airborne integrated path differential absorption (IPDA) lidar that will be operated on board the HALO research aircraft to quantify concentration gradients and surface-atm...
Related Topics: Lasers and Masers

LISA Pathfinder – A Technology Experiment in Preparation of the Gravitational Wave Observatory eLISA

LISA Pathfinder shall demonstrate essential and critical technologies required to implement ESA's planned Gravitational Wave Observatory eLISA in space. eLISA shall be launched 2034 to observe low-fre...
Related Topics: Astronomy Astrophysics Lasers and Masers Solar Physics Geophysics
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