Quality Assurance and Reliability

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Process Technique and Quality Assurance

Large sized, complex shaped structural parts based on C/C-SiC and biomorphic SiSiC materials can be realized in near net shape technology via the liquid silicon infiltration (LSI) process, developed a...
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Mechanical properties of textile composites

So-called Liquid Composite Moulding (LCM) technologies (SLI, LRI, VAP, VARI, etc.) promise to realize severe cost savings compared to the prepreg technique.
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability

Wind Energy

Renewable energy, especially wind energy, is essential for the planned restructuring of the German energy market. The aim is to optimize rotor blades for wind turbines and their production. Cost and w...
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Innovative parabolic trough collectors made from concrete
In modern parbolic-trough power plants, the cost of the collector field is about 50% of the en...
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Sustainable Composites Processes

Sustainable Composites Processes will finally become a very important topic in the future for us. Not only the lightweight and multifunctional structure itself shell support the idea of sustainability...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability

Functional Verification

The thermo mechanical tests of components and structures are an essential element of component developments. Due to the development targets returning technology and thrust chamber these structures do ...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability
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