Quality Assurance and Reliability

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Functional Verification

The thermo mechanical tests of components and structures are an essential element of component developments. Due to the development targets returning technology and thrust chamber these structures do ...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability

Sustainable Composites Processes

Sustainable Composites Processes will finally become a very important topic in the future for us. Not only the lightweight and multifunctional structure itself shell support the idea of sustainability...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability


The SimWorld project has the goal of incorporating, rapidly and in detail, the traffic, roads and landscapes of actual test tracks in vehicle simulators, based on geodata and vehicle measurements. In ...
Related Topics: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Measures and Technologies Quality Assurance and Reliability

Virtual Institute "Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus" (UFS)

The Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (2650 a.s.l.) on the mountain Zugspitze is an internationally linked center of competence for high altitude, climate and environmental research with...
Related Topics: Astronomy Quality Assurance and Reliability

Development of Technology and Air Transport emitted CO2 until 2050

According to current prognoses despite short-term, economy-related declines, air traffic will continue growing on long-term. The development of CO2-emissions of global air traffic is mainly dependent ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Quality Assurance and Reliability System Analysis Propellants and Fuels
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