Quality Assurance and Reliability

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The module ‘technology’ deals with the optimization of the CSP technology, the development of quality assurance techniques and the know-how transfer of these techniques to skilled personnel in the MEN...
Related Topics: Application Development Quality Assurance and Reliability Earth Resources and Remote Sensing Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Furnace Facilities

For the development of CMC materials and structural parts, various high temperature furnaces for pyrolysis, graphitization and siliconization are used. Thereby, a wide range of different facilities fr...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability

Correlation and Calibration of non-destructive Measuring Methods

Klassische Untersuchungsmethoden, wie die Ultraschalltechnik, wurden für ganz bestimmte Werkstoffe und Fehlstellenarten in hohem Maße weiterentwickelt, so dass zum Teil nur wenige Mikrometer große Ris...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability

Research Information System for Mobility and Transport

The Research Information System (FIS: Forschungs-Informations-System) funded and published by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is an internet-based knowledge platfor...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability

1st NDMC InterComparison Campaign (NICC-1) at ALOMAR, Norway, has started – GRIPS instrument successfully installed

The first NDMC InterComparison Campaign (NICC-1) has been started at the Observatory ALOMAR in Norway initiated by the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Quality Assurance and Reliability Geophysics

Design and Manufacture Technologies

The department of “Computer Supported Component Design” combines the construction, design and computation with the process and production technology to an offer of a holistic, scientific engineering m...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability
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