Structural Mechanics

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Launcher Base Flow Analysis

Nozzles of modern launcher vehicles are large structural elements exposed to aero-thermal fluctuating side-loads resulting from the unsteady interactions of (i) the launcher external flow, (ii) the no...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations


MERTIS is a combined TIR Spectrometer with an radiometer instrument proposed for the orbiter of Bepi Colombo. From Earth-based telescopic measurements of hermean spectra, which are mostly disk-integra...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Solar Physics Qualification Instrumentation and Photography Electronics and Electrical Engineering System Analysis Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration

Robust Primary Structures

Reliable design methods for Robust Primary Structures are already mandatory, but the challenge to ensure reliability (oder robustness) by adding additional functions into the structure.
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics

Autonomous Composite Structures

Building Autonomous Composite Structures is our vision of function integration. Any active system today requires external energy for control and actuation at least. The omission of the wiring is one o...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Environment Pollution Acoustics

Aeroelastic Stability and System Response

The major part of the activities of the group “Aeroelastic Stability and System Response” is concerned with the aeroelasticity of civil and military transport aircraft. However, small business aircraf...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Aircraft Stability and Control Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic

High temperature lightweight structures for space applications

The system oriented development work in the department of Space System Integration concentrates on the two groups thermal protection systems and hot primary structures of re-entry vehicles, as well as...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Sensor and actuator development ...

Development of customized, manageable and reliable sensor and actuator systems
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics

Aeroelastic Wind-tunnel experiments

This aeroelastic wind-tunnel-experiments group is committed to the planning, realisation and analysis of challenging experiments in wind tunnels in order to investigate the Fluid-Structure Interaction...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Aerodynamic
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