Structural Mechanics

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Autonomous Composite Structures

Building Autonomous Composite Structures is our vision of function integration. Any active system today requires external energy for control and actuation at least. The omission of the wiring is one o...
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COOREFLEX-Turbo-4.2.4 Flutter Analysis for Embedded Blade Rows

This project focuses on the development and application of a frequency domain method for the analysis of the aerodynamic excitation of blade vibration taking into account the effect of adjacent blade ...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics

Quality assurance and qualification of structural parts

Due to increasing complexity and size of single components of innovative lightweight structures especially when introducing alternative materials, new design concepts and manufacturing methods, the de...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Quality Assurance and Reliability

Modeling and simulation of complex adaptive systems ...

Analytical and numerical description of smart systems for the purpose of layout, analysis, optimization and simulation
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics

Return Technology - hot structures and Thermal Protection Systems

Robust and damage tolerant concepts for TPS and hot structures, which can be manufactured, installed and maintained at low cost are the mainspring of development. The characteristics of C/C-SiC fiber ...
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Nose cap of the CRV test plant X-38

X-38 was designed to be a technology demonstrator of NASA for the life boat CRV (crew Return Vehicle) for the international space station ISS. Placed on a booster rocket a later development into an in...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics
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