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Department Experimental Methods (AS-EXV)

The department of Experimental Methods develops optical and acoustical field measurement techniques for the acquisition of fluid-mechanical and aero-acoustical quantities and applies them mainly in la...
Related Topics: Aerodynamic

Unsteady Aerodynamic Modelling

The knowledge of unsteady aerodynamic loads acting on an aircraft structure, which is moving either uniformly (steady) or accelerated (manoeuvring or oscillating), or within an unsteady environment (a...
Related Topics: Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic

Hypersonic Laminar Flow Control

A typical challenge for re-entry vehicles during flight is an effective control of hypersonic transition and the laminar/turbulent state of the boundary layer. The state of the boundary layer is of hi...
Related Topics: Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Aerodynamic
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