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Saturday, June 13, 2015 - Long Night of Science -
SHT & the Power Wall - 3D to touch

You want to travel in the middle of a 3D drawing and operate a 3D animation interactively and independent? Come and visit us at the Long Night of Science on June 13. 2015. In the period from 17.00 to ...
Related Topics: Aerodynamic

UCAV-2010 – Technologies for the Development of Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles

The DLR-project UCAV-2010 aims at providing numerical and experimental procedures for the development and assessment of technologies for Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles.
Related Topics: Acoustics Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Aerodynamic

Loads Analysis and Aeroelastic Design

Die Abteilung Lastanalyse und Entwurf„" beschäftigt sich mit der Analyse statischer und dynamischer Lasten auf das Gesamtflugzeug sowie mit der Auswirkung aeroelastischer Fragestellungen auf den Flugz...
Related Topics: Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic

Research Reports, Dissertations, Expert Opinion and Workshop Reports in Noise Effects Research of the Flight Physiology department in 2001-2010

(Die Institutsangehörigen sind fett markiert. Unter den angegebenen Links finden Sie die Abstracts der Paper und ggf. auch das Paper selbst, sofern dieses im Internet veröffentlicht werden darf.) ...
Related Topics: Aerospace Medicine Acoustics Aerodynamic

Aeroelastic Simulation

The Aeroelastic Simulation Department focuses on the numerical analysis of aeroelastic problems. Investigations for transport aircraft, small aircraft, turbomachines and rotorcraft are performed in cl...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Numerical Analysis Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic
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