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The High-Speed Video Stroboscope

A novel video stroboscope for periodic and non-periodic repetitive high-speed events has been developed, constructed and tested. These events can be displayed on the monitor in slow motion in real-tim...
Related Topics: Aerodynamic


In the framework of the joint project R&E TURB (Robust and efficient turbines for turbofans, geared turbofans and next generation turboshaft engines) of the Aeronautics Research Program IV the Numeric...
Related Topics: Aircraft Propulsion and Power Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Aerodynamic

Flying around wake vortices - new system tested in flight tests

When aircraft are in flight, vortices are generated behind them from the wing tips. These are jnown as wake vortices, and they can have safely implications for following air traffic. The German Aerosp...
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology Aerodynamic
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