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Structural Dynamics and System Identification

The Structural Dynamics and Aeroelastic System Identification department works in the field of the dynamics and vibrations of structures in aeronautics and space technology. Included are, for example,...
Related Topics: Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic

Department Spacecraft (AS-RFZ)

The aerothermodynamic analysis and design activities of the Spacecraft Department mainly address research for hypersonic vehicles and spacecraft. The Department has been involved in all major German a...
Related Topics: Ground Support Systems and Facilities (Space) Launch Vehicles and Launch Operations Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic

Project F16 Sliding - Systemhaus Technik Braunschweig

In the F16 Sliding project is a wind tunnel model of a 2D airfoil. This designed for aero-acoustic measurements trainer should be seen as an adaptation of the existing F16 model. The scope of the SHT ...
Related Topics: Aerodynamic
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