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Moiré - Technique

The movements, deformations and vibrations of a model in a wind tunnel can be precisely determined by Moiré Interferometry without disturbing the flow. The technique uses the interference of periodic ...
Related Topics: Aerodynamic

Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology (IAS)

The Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology is a leading research institute in the field of aerodynamics/aeroacoustics of airplanes and aerothermodynamics of space vehicles. It has two main site...
Related Topics: Acoustics Aerodynamic

Institute of Aeroelasticity

The discipline of Aeroelasticity comprises physical phenomena, which occur on structures in an airflow, when the aerodynamic forces interact with the elastomechanical forces in the structure. Aeroelas...
Related Topics: Structural Mechanics Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic
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