Earth Resources and Remote Sensing

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Monitoring nature and the environment

Earth observation allows us to monitor our environment globally and continuously. The extensive body of information supplied by the various Earth observation missions permits identifying short and lon...
Related Topics: System Analysis Earth Resources and Remote Sensing

Living Planet

The European Space Agency ESA is running an Earth observation programme entitled "Living Planet", to study global environmental change. The programme’s key component is a fleet of dedicated satellites...
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The module ‘technology’ deals with the optimization of the CSP technology, the development of quality assurance techniques and the know-how transfer of these techniques to skilled personnel in the MEN...
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Gone with the Wind

Once it has been swirled up into the air, fine desert dusk is often transported long distances by wind currents. This effect can be exploited to reveal complex wind currents in the lower atmosphere, w...
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DLR-UN-Spider Capacity Building Workshop on Water related Disasters and emergency management in Namibia

In January 2009, the German Aerospace Center, DLR in collaboration with UN-SPIDER are carrying out a national Capacity Building Workshop and technical training on earth observation technology for floo...
Related Topics: Earth Resources and Remote Sensing
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