Energy Production and Conversion

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Thermoelectric energy conversion

The conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy is based on the Seebeck effect, which states that an electric voltage will arise in a conductor if it is subjected to a temperature difference. ...
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Architecture and System Optimization

During architecture-level design, various options are examined to compare their benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the specifics of the problem, on each architecture option, a number of studies are ...
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Energy Management

Energy management methods have an increased impact on overall aircraft efficiency. On the one hand, they can find an optimal operation point of competing power sources. On the other hand, they control...
Related Topics: Energy Production and Conversion

New CSP yield assessment manual: Institute of Solar Research started joint project with german industry and research partners

The manual will provide a concise outline of existing concepts for estimating electricity yields of solar thermal power plants, detailed descriptions of calculation methods and case studies involving ...
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