Energy Production and Conversion

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Wind Energy

Renewable energy, especially wind energy, is essential for the planned restructuring of the German energy market. The aim is to optimize rotor blades for wind turbines and their production. Cost and w...
Related Topics: Energy Production and Conversion Quality Assurance and Reliability

Numerical methods and electrochemical impedance simulation

Numerical simulation of such a complex system as a fuel cell requires flexible software packages and powerful mathematical methods. We use a number of commercially available software tools (MATLAB, SI...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis Electrochemical Processes Energy Production and Conversion

Lithium Batteries

The further improvement of energy density, cycleability and safety of batteries requires a detailed understanding of the fundamental physical, chemical, and fluid mechanical processes occurring within...
Related Topics: Electronics and Electrical Engineering Energy Production and Conversion

Thermogenerator test facility - Efficiency determination of thermoelectric converters

The priority performance parameter of thermoelectric generators (TEG) is the efficiency, which denotes the ratio of the passing heat flow to the gained electric power. Testing of generator elements of...
Related Topics: Energy Production and Conversion
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