Environment Pollution

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During expedition to northeast Siberia DLR takes a close look at greenhouse gases released by melting permafrost

Zu Untersuchungen der Permafrostböden im Delta des sibirischen Flusses Lena sind in diesen Tagen Wissenschaftler des Deutschen Fernerkundungsdatenzentrums des DLR und des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts für ...
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As part of the EU Seventh Framework Program, the EnerGEO project was established to devise a strategy for estimating the influence of the exploitation and use of energy resources on the environment an...
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Radiation in the atmosphere

Solar and thermal radiation is the main driving force of atmospheric circulation and chemistry. In addition, radiation reflected or emitted by the Earth's surface and atmosphere is utilised by remote ...
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DFD provides maps for the relief effort in the Philippines

Working in shifts around the clock, staff of the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) produced their first maps of the Philippine disaster areas based on satellite image data. When typhoon Haiyan r...
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