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TELMA – the Temperature Lidar for Middle Atmosphere research – is designed for measurements of atmospheric gravity wave parameters in the middle atmosphere. The lidar system comprises a sodium resonan...
Related Topics: Lasers and Masers Geophysics

ALPS (Alternative Positioning System)

The "Alternative Positioning System" (ALPS) project involves the design and development of an "Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing" (APNT) system to enable air traffic to continue with as li...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety Geophysics

10.12.2011 - Topography and albedo image of Lucaria Tholus

These Dawn FC (framing camera) images show Lucaria Tholus, after which Lucaria quadrangle is named. Lucaria Tholus is the large, roughly elliptically shaped hill in the center of the image. ‘Tholus’ i...
Related Topics: Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration Geophysics

09.05.2016 - Dawn LAMO Image 84 (PIA20579)

This image, taken by the framing camera aboard NASA's Dawn spacecraft, shows Ceres' enigmatic mountain Ahuna Mons. The rugged plateau of this feature is sparsely cratered, inferring the mountain was f...
Related Topics: Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration Geophysics

Institute on the evidence for liquid water on Mars and the consequences for future Mars missions: Joint Report of the 'US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine' and the 'European Science Foundation' published

Two days ago, NASA announced the finding of evidence for liquid water on Mars. The Astrobiology Group of the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine and an international committee of experts now jointly p...
Related Topics: Geophysics

EGNOS V3 Phase Ax+B

Focusing on safety-of-live applications, the European geostationary navigation overlay system (EGNOS) offers augmentation service for the satellite navigation system GPS and in a next step for the fut...
Related Topics: Geophysics
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