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Atmospheric research around the globe

Since almost five years the German research aircraft HALO (High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft) is operated to explore the environment and the climate in the stratosphere, the Arctic and An...
Related Topics: Geophysics

Aerosol research group Weinzierl awarded with ERC Starting grant

Physicist Professor Bernadett Weinzierl is at DLR-Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Oberpfaffenhofen and at LMU’s Institute for Meteorology, and her research focuses on the physics of aerosols in Ea...
Related Topics: Geophysics Environment Pollution Meteorology and Climatology

Investigation of atmospheric gravity waves

Gravity waves are primarily excited in the lower atmosphere, e.g. by flow over mountains. They propagate horizontally and vertically and transport energy and momentum over large distances. Gravity wav...
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

A satellite-supported procedure to predict volcano ash

To support the safety of air transport and improve the air traffic system's response times in the critical event of a volcanic eruption, the identification of ash-free airspace is essential. At the DL...
Related Topics: Geophysics

Two Petabyte of Data for Climate Research

Climate change with its ecologic and economic consequences is one of the major societal challenges. Sustainable strategies have to be globally developed to define measures for the protection of the se...
Related Topics: Geophysics

New findings about the arctic ozone layer

As a major finding of the EU project RECONCILE, which was completed in February 2013, it is expected that, according to recent measurements, the ozone layer over the North Pole should recover by the e...
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

Biofuels reduce soot emissions from aircraft

A fuel blend with 50 percent biofuel reduces soot particle emissions of the aircraft by 50 to 70 percent compared to conventional fuel, according to a study published in the scientific journal Nature....
Related Topics: Propellants and Fuels Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

Radiative Transport Models

At the Institute of Atmospheric Physics numerical models including different methods are used to study radiative transfer in the atmosphere and the interaction between radiation and clouds or aerosol....
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

DEEPWAVE campaign - investigation of gravity waves in the atmosphere above New Zealand

For a number of nights between 29 June and 23 July 2014, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) Falcon research aircraft will be flying over the New Zealand Alps ...
Related Topics: Geophysics Air Transportation and Safety Lasers and Masers Meteorology and Climatology
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