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During expedition to northeast Siberia DLR takes a close look at greenhouse gases released by melting permafrost

Zu Untersuchungen der Permafrostböden im Delta des sibirischen Flusses Lena sind in diesen Tagen Wissenschaftler des Deutschen Fernerkundungsdatenzentrums des DLR und des Alfred-Wegener-Instituts für ...
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EGNOS V3 Phase Ax+B

Focusing on safety-of-live applications, the European geostationary navigation overlay system (EGNOS) offers augmentation service for the satellite navigation system GPS and in a next step for the fut...
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Measurements of winds throughout the atmosphere are crucial for both numerical weather prediction (NWP) and climate studies. Profiling measurements of the global wind field from satellite instruments ...
Related Topics: Geophysics
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