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Master thesis: Role of variable thermal expansion on the initiation of plate tectonics

The problem of the initiation of plate tectonics regards understanding the conditions, which lead to the formation of weak zones (plate boundaries) that serve as nucleation points for the onset of sub...
Related Topics: Geophysics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration

Water Vapor measurement in the atmosphere

Water vapor in the atmosphere is one of the key-substances, controlling both weather and climate. Moreover, it plays a central role in atmospheric chemistry. Water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas...
Related Topics: Geophysics


Multi-Scale Ionosphere Model from Combination of Modern Satellite observation Techniques. The MuSIK project aims at developing methods for imaging the three-dimensional electron distribution of the i...
Related Topics: Geophysics

Aerosols from ocean shipping cause a significant negative climate forcing

Studies of the DLR-Institute of Atmospheric Physics with a global climate model published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics recently show a high impact of gaseous and particulate emissions from oce...
Related Topics: Geophysics Environment Pollution

50 years Institute of Atmospheric Physics

The DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics celebrates its 50th anniversary. The institute was founded on 1 July 1962 from two precursory institutes, the Institute of Aviation Meteorology and the Institu...
Related Topics: Geophysics

Institut für Physik der Atmosphäre

The Institute of Atmospheric Physics investigates the physics and chemistry of the global atmosphere from the Earth's surface up to the upper boundary of the middle atmosphere at about 120 km height. ...
Related Topics: Geophysics System Analysis

Protecting the Alps from traffic noise and air pollution

A European research project under the name of ALPNAP comes to a conclusion that helps to minimise noise and air pollution along main alpine traffic routes. The project was led by the German Aerospace ...
Related Topics: Environment Pollution Geophysics

Status Report 2008-2015

This Report describes the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IPA), the achieved results between September 2007 and September 2015 and future goals.
Related Topics: Geophysics

Cloud Physics

Despite their relevance for global climate, some physical processes on clouds and their effects on the composition of the atmosphere and its radiation budget remain unresolved. Large uncertainties in ...
Related Topics: Geophysics Instrumentation and Photography

New insights on changes in the Ozone Layer

German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) researchers have been instrumental in the preparation of a report on the changes in the Ozone Layer for the World Meteorologica...
Related Topics: Geophysics Earth Resources and Remote Sensing
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