Meteorology and Climatology

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Examination of Space Concepts

In this area system and mission concepts are worked out, design-tasks are carried out on a subsystem level (e.g. structure, thermal, power, communication) and trades on e.g. accommodation, integration...
Related Topics: Solar Physics Meteorology and Climatology

Wind Energy

To build larger and more efficient wind turbines at lower cost, lower environmental impact and higher societal acceptance is a challenging endeavour for research and development. At DLR interdisciplin...
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology

Global climate

The global climate is changing. According to IPCC a large fraction of this change is anthropogenic due to the emissions of greenhouse gases, their precursors or other directly and indirectly radiative...
Related Topics: Geophysics Environment Pollution Meteorology and Climatology

Heavy Rain Risk: EOC System furnishes information

Heavy rains even far from rivers and lakes can quickly lead to serious flooding. EOC scientists have now developed a risk assessment system that makes it possible for the first time to ascertain the t...
Related Topics: Economics and Cost Analysis Meteorology and Climatology

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Weather contributes both directly and indirectly to delays, incidents, and accidents in air traffic. The increasing demand for air transport makes air traffic more vulnerable to adverse weather condit...
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology
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