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IPA scientists observe less nitrogen oxides in tropical thunderstorms than expected

Thunderstorms are not only spectacular weather events. They also have a great influence on atmospheric chemistry and climate. In a lightning channel, substantial amounts of nitrogen oxides (NO) are fo...
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Balloon in the Sky: Onset of BHEA measurement campaign to improve climate models

The first measurement balloons are in the air, and by April 30, 2012 a total of 90 of these climate probes will be successively launched on a search for data. Starting from Oberpfaffenhofen, their pur...
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Measurement flights on the formation of ozone by thunderstorms

Thunderstorms have a significant effect on the formation of ozone. Nitrogen oxide is produced as a result of lightning; this in turn yields ozone at altitudes of 10 kilometres. Strong updraughts in th...
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DLR Falcon visits Berlin Air Show between two environmental and atmospheric research missions

In time for the start of the Berlin Air Show (ILA) and coming straight from joint flight trials with NASA in Palmdale, California, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Falcon 20 E research aircraft lande...
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New findings about the arctic ozone layer

As a major finding of the EU project RECONCILE, which was completed in February 2013, it is expected that, according to recent measurements, the ozone layer over the North Pole should recover by the e...
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Increase of Arctic pollution due to climate change – IPA investigates emission sources in the Arctic

Impacts of global warming lead to an increase of pollution import into the polar region, as well as to an enhancement of local emissions in the Arctic. Since the 1960s, the Arctic Ocean ice cover has ...
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Beyond their task to serve as airborne demonstrators for future spaceborne missions our lidar systems are frequently used in scientific campaigns, both national and international, ranging from tropica...
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Data Acquisition

The data acquisition system can store up to 130 different channels including analog data from the meteorological sensors and ARINC 429 data from the avionics. Additional user data can also be stored o...
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