Meteorology and Climatology

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The numerical global atmosphere-chemistry model EMAC (ECHAM/MESSy Atmospheric Chemistry) is a modular global climate and chemistry simulation system with sub-models for the calculation of processes in...
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SCIAMACHY Book Receives Award

In March 2002 SCIAMACHY was launched into low earth orbit on board the ENVISAT satellite. Since then the instrument—developed and provided by the space agencies of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium...
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology

Global models

Global models of the atmosphere are traditionally used in weather forecasting and climate research. Global numerical weather prediction (NWP) models predict the temporal development of the state of th...
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Flight tests for alternative fuels

Alternative fuels have the potential to support the environment and climate-friendly developments in air transport. At present, global air traffic contributes towards almost five percent of global war...
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Balloon in the Sky: Onset of BHEA measurement campaign to improve climate models

The first measurement balloons are in the air, and by April 30, 2012 a total of 90 of these climate probes will be successively launched on a search for data. Starting from Oberpfaffenhofen, their pur...
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Finding the Crucial Clues to Climate Change: Federal Minister Hendricks visits Schneefernerhaus Environmental Research Station

Whoever wants a glimpse of the future of our climate has to cast his eyes upward. Almost into outer space, up some 100 kilometres, at night. Then the consequences of global warming become rapidly evid...
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology

Radiative Transport Models

At the Institute of Atmospheric Physics numerical models including different methods are used to study radiative transfer in the atmosphere and the interaction between radiation and clouds or aerosol....
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IPA scientists observe less nitrogen oxides in tropical thunderstorms than expected

Thunderstorms are not only spectacular weather events. They also have a great influence on atmospheric chemistry and climate. In a lightning channel, substantial amounts of nitrogen oxides (NO) are fo...
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