Meteorology and Climatology

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Increase of Arctic pollution due to climate change – IPA investigates emission sources in the Arctic

Impacts of global warming lead to an increase of pollution import into the polar region, as well as to an enhancement of local emissions in the Arctic. Since the 1960s, the Arctic Ocean ice cover has ...
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New “Antarctic” Junior Scientists group at DFD

The polar regions – particularly the Antarctic – play an exceptional role in global climate With their vast, white, ice and snow covered areas they decisively influence Earth’s radiation balance, and ...
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Solar radiation drives atmospheric circulation and hence weather and climate. Accurate knowledge about solar and terrestrial radiation and their interaction with clouds, aerosol particles, and trace g...
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Regional climate

Climate simulation models as they are used to estimate global climate changes, have limitations with respect to regional features. The reason for this is the fact that the regional climate and its pos...
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New findings about the arctic ozone layer

As a major finding of the EU project RECONCILE, which was completed in February 2013, it is expected that, according to recent measurements, the ozone layer over the North Pole should recover by the e...
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The dynamic core of the ICON (icosahedral non-hydrostatic general circulation model) is a joint of the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Meteorology and the German Weather Service. The climate version of...
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Assimilation of satellite aerosol measurements improves quality of forecast of air quality

Based on a collaboration between scientists from DLR and University of Cologne an observation operator for a component-wise assimilation of satellite aerosol measurements has been developed. It treat...
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WxFUSION – Forecasting of weather hazards – HGF supports the start-up of a new company

The novel system “WxFUSION” for forecasting thunderstorms has been developed at the department of cloud physics and traffic meteorology of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. The technology uses sat...
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