Meteorology and Climatology

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Regional climate

Climate simulation models as they are used to estimate global climate changes, have limitations with respect to regional features. The reason for this is the fact that the regional climate and its pos...
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New findings about the arctic ozone layer

As a major finding of the EU project RECONCILE, which was completed in February 2013, it is expected that, according to recent measurements, the ozone layer over the North Pole should recover by the e...
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

Assimilation of satellite aerosol measurements improves quality of forecast of air quality

Based on a collaboration between scientists from DLR and University of Cologne an observation operator for a component-wise assimilation of satellite aerosol measurements has been developed. It treat...
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology

WxFUSION – Forecasting of weather hazards – HGF supports the start-up of a new company

The novel system “WxFUSION” for forecasting thunderstorms has been developed at the department of cloud physics and traffic meteorology of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. The technology uses sat...
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Clouds, aerosols and climate

The role of clouds in the climate system is still the largest uncertainty in the prediction of the future development of climate and in the understanding of the water cycle. Broadening the knowledge a...
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Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, has been the subject of intensive research since the arrival of the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft at Saturn in 2004. Titan is especially interesting because it is the only s...
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Optimal use of renewable energy sources – „Energy Meteorology Knowledge Network” launched

What are optimal locations for future solar and wind energy converters? Can wind strength be predicted? Where can the highest levels of solar insolation be expected in the next few days and how high w...
Related Topics: Solar Physics System Analysis Meteorology and Climatology Electronics and Electrical Engineering Geophysics Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Flight Performance

To minimise the impact of adverse conditions (wind gusts, wind shear and wake vortices etc.) on the flight performance, automated flight control systems and evasion-manoeuvre methods are developed. Th...
Related Topics: Research and Support Facilities (Air) Meteorology and Climatology
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