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Inclusion of Air Transport in CO2 Emission Trading

International air transport plays an essential role for economic growth and the prosperity in our globalised and work-sharing world. However, air transport like other means of transportation causes ga...
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Set-up of DLR-receiving antennas for the TanDEM-X mission in INUVIK (North Canada) has been successfully

By means of installing a 13m parabolic antenna in the north Canadian permafrost region near UINUVIK, the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) has passed a further important milestone preparing for ...
Related Topics: Electronics and Electrical Engineering Meteorology and Climatology

A look on the Etihad EY474 turbulence encounter on 4 May 2016 from a Cb-global perspective

A turbulence encounter of a flight close to Sumatra caused atmospheric scientists from the DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics and WxFUSION, a DLR spin-off company, to analyze this event with the new...
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

It’s turning green and greener… EOC at Bellevue Palace Park

Green roofs make cities more livable—for animals and people. Ecological niches come into being on rooftops where they filter the air, retain water, and exert a positive effect on the climate. How many...
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The Spacehand is a space qualified robotic hand, designed for long term operation in Geosynchronous Orbit. It is the further development of the DLR DEXHAND. The Spacehand is currently part of the Phoe...
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Minimizing the climate impacts of aviation is among the most difficult challenges facing aviation industry and air traffic management, requiring a reliable assessment of aviation-induced climate chang...
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology

22.04.2016 - Dawn LAMO Image 73 (PIA20568)

This image shows terrain within Chaminuka Crater on Ceres. Chaminuka was named for the spirit who provides rains during times of drought, according to the legends of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. NASA...
Related Topics: Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration Meteorology and Climatology

DEEPWAVE campaign - investigation of gravity waves in the atmosphere above New Zealand

For a number of nights between 29 June and 23 July 2014, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) Falcon research aircraft will be flying over the New Zealand Alps ...
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