Meteorology and Climatology

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Dragon-3: East Asian Monsoon & Air Quality

Dragon 3 is a cooperative program between ESA and MOST with the objective to promote the exploitation of ESA and Chinese EO data. This shall foster Sino-European collaborations in support of science a...
Related Topics: Environment Pollution Meteorology and Climatology

DLR Competition of visions: DFD proposal EDDY receives award

The EDDY-proposal of DFD has been selected for promotion by DLR's board of directors in the "Competition of Visions 2009".
Related Topics: Meteorology and Climatology

SO2-Monitoring and Volcano Surveillance (EVOSS, SACS und SMASH)

Volcanic eruptions not only seriously endanger local populations; they can also be a more or less long-term hazard for air traffic. Ash clouds released by volcanic eruptions can damage airplane engine...
Related Topics: Environment Pollution Meteorology and Climatology

First successful TELIS flight

TELIS (Terahertz and submillimeter LImbSounder) is a new remote sensing instrument measuring atmospheric trace gases from a stratospheric balloon platform in the submillimeter and far infrared spectra...
Related Topics: Optics Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

CESAR campaign successfully started – GRIPS data available at WDC-RSAT

With the installation of two airglow spectrometers in the Western Mediterranean region by employees of the Earth Observation Center in autumn 2011 the CESAR measurement campaign has successfully start...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Meteorology and Climatology

Transport and the Environment (VEU)

Securing the mobility of people and goods and at the same time preserving a healthy environment and natural resources is one of the main challenges our societies face. The DLR internal project “Transp...
Related Topics: Travel Demand Analysis Noise and Emissions System Analysis Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology

Solar Energy

Solar irradiance is the fuel of solar power plants. The efficient use of solar radiation requires a detailed estimation of the varying solar resources. For the short-term control of solar power plants...
Related Topics: Qualification Geophysics Numerical Analysis Solar Physics Energy Production and Conversion Meteorology and Climatology


TELIS (an acronym for TErahertz and Submillimeter LImb Sounder) is a balloon-borne three-channel heterodyne spectrometer financed by DLR and developed at its Remote Sensing Technology Institute in the...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology
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