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Technical Concept

With TanDEM-X a novel interferometric instrument is introduced, consisting of two companion SAR satellites flying in close formation with the main goal to provide operational, bi-static single pass in...
Related Topics: Oceanography Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance

GRACE - Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment

The US-German mini-satellite mission GRACE will help scientists develop a new model of the Earth’s gravitational field with unprecedented accuracy. The following questions will be addressed: Are the p...
Related Topics: Oceanography

Exhibition "Viewing Earth from Space": 75 years of research in Oberpfaffenhofen

This year Oberpfaffenhofen celebrates its 75th anniversary as a research locality. Commemorations began on January 24, 2012 with a vernissage at the Starnberg district administration offices, where th...
Related Topics: Oceanography Instrumentation and Photography

Marine Remote Sensing

The Marine Remote Sensing department is engaged in the development, implementation and validation of models and algorithms for analyzing data from satellite-borne optical and radar sensors for marine ...
Related Topics: Oceanography Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance

Tandem-L – A Satellite Mission for Monitoring Dynamic Processes on the Earth’s Surface

Tandem-L is a proposal for a highly innovative satellite mission for the global observation of dynamic processes on the earth’s surface with hitherto unknown quality and resolution. Thanks to the nove...
Related Topics: Oceanography
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