Air Transportation and Safety

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Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research (FW)

The focus of research is to examine how both systems, air traffic and airports, evolve with time under certain conditions and how a desired status for either one can be achieved. To find answers to...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Taxi and Ramp Managment And Control

Todays traffic situation at airports still does not meet the necessary requirements regarding the efficiency of managment and the safety required with growing traffic.
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

High Lift Structures

High lift systems in the front of an aircraft wing represent special challenges due to the requirements of the structure. In a relatively small area with strongly curved surfaces, different functions ...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety


The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is developing a Railway Collision Avoidance System (RCAS), a 'safety overlay' system which can be deployed on top of any existing safety infrastructure in train netwo...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


The transport of passengers and cargo has a high relevance both for economy and society. Bridging long distances with low effort is a matter of course in today's life. But how can mobility be realised...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Air Tansportation Systems

DLR Air Transportation Systems stands for research and teachings on the understanding of the system complexities in air transport. The research portfolio comprises of concepts, preliminary designs an...
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More safety in air traffic - early detection of air turbulence

New results in atmospheric research indicate that climate change will increase possible encounters of turbulence by cruising aircraft. A method to detect turbulences was now developed for the first ti...
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