Air Transportation and Safety

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Aviation and weather

Weather is one of the most disruptive factors in aviation. It jeopardises the safety and economic efficiency of the entire air transportation sector. Moreover, the disturbance caused by any individual...
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High-velocity impact

Von hoher Komplexität ist die Erfüllung der umfangreichen Impact-Anforderungen bei Transportflugzeugen und Hubschraubern. Für die Strukturen ergeben sich hier multifunktionale Bauweisen im Sinne von E...
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UFO – Unmanned Freight Operations

Unmanned aircraft are gaining more and more importance in the aviation sector. Lately, the point of interest in this specific field is increasingly including civil applications, too. One such civil sc...
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Air Transportation

The departments` work mainly focuses on modelling and analysing the air transportation at airports. In addition to the operation and progress of fast time simulations for air traffic sequences the dep...
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Inspection and Quality Control Group

The Flight Operation Inspection and Quality Control Group supervise the airworthiness of the research aircraft and is in duty to acquire and maintain the approval by the aviation authorities to perfor...
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