Air Transportation and Safety

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SALSA (Satellite-based ADS-B for Lower Separation Minima)

The objective of SALSA is to create the conditions required for the introduction of lower separation minima on transoceanic flight routes, especially on transatlantic routes from Europe to America wh...
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ALPS (Alternative Positioning System)

The "Alternative Positioning System" (ALPS) project involves the design and development of an "Alternative Positioning Navigation and Timing" (APNT) system to enable air traffic to continue with as li...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety Geophysics

Air Traffic Management and Operations Simulator (ATMOS)

The Air Traffic Management and Operations Simulator (ATMOS) is an experimental facility for simulating air traffic in real time. In a simulated airspace, the ATMOS can be used to test new approach and...
Related Topics: Research and Support Facilities (Air) Air Transportation and Safety

UBC Reaches First Partnership Milestone with German Aerospace Centre with Opening of DLR@UBC

The University of British Columbia today celebrated its first partnership milestone with DLR, the German Aerospace Centre, with the opening of the DLR@UBC office on the University’s Point Grey Campus....
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Certified Quality Management

The Institute of Air Transportation Systems is certified by LRQA (Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance) according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 for “Research, Education and Consultancy on ...
Related Topics: Quality Assurance and Reliability Air Transportation and Safety

Structural Integrity

Die Aktivitäten der Abteilung „Strukturelle Integrität“ umfassen die Entwicklung, die Simulation sowie den Test von multifunktionalen Leichtbaustrukturen, insbesondere Luftfahrtstrukturen, aus Verbund...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety


Feasibility analysis of wireless communications as a technological foundation for airborne safety-critical applications.
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Electromagnetic Compability

The application of ever-changing technologies in aircraft requires a constant development of new EMC solution approaches. The aim is to ensure that all systems operate without any interference.
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety
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