Air Transportation and Safety

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Structural Integrity

Die Aktivitäten der Abteilung „Strukturelle Integrität“ umfassen die Entwicklung, die Simulation sowie den Test von multifunktionalen Leichtbaustrukturen, insbesondere Luftfahrtstrukturen, aus Verbund...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety


Feasibility analysis of wireless communications as a technological foundation for airborne safety-critical applications.
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Electromagnetic Compability

The application of ever-changing technologies in aircraft requires a constant development of new EMC solution approaches. The aim is to ensure that all systems operate without any interference.
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety


The Common Parametric Aircraft Configuration Schema (CPACS) is a data definition for the air transportation system. CPACS enables engineers to exchange information between their models. It is therefor...
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UFO – Phase 1 (Unmanned Freight Operations – Phase 1)

The significance of civil applications of unmanned aircraft in aviation is on the increase. Besides the use of micro drone systems, the transport of larger freight volumes is receiving more and more a...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Automated Aids for safe and efficient Vessel Traffic Processes (A++Set)

Leading principle during navigation of vessels is the avoidance of collision and groundings to protect life, goods, and the maritime living space. However, a virtually unchanged number of ships’ accid...
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Certified Quality Management

Certified Quality Management The Institute of Air Transportation Systems is certified by LRQA according to the quality management standard ISO 9001. The Quality Management System (QMS) ensures ...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety
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