Air Transportation and Safety

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Technology Marketing

More than ever before, it is important for companies today to build up a competitive advantage by offering innovative products and services. Cooperating with powerful partners from science and researc...
Related Topics: System Analysis Air Transportation and Safety

DEEPWAVE campaign - investigation of gravity waves in the atmosphere above New Zealand

For a number of nights between 29 June and 23 July 2014, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) Falcon research aircraft will be flying over the New Zealand Alps ...
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Successfull Gaming Exercise on Total Airport Management in FP6 project EPISODE-3

A first gaming exercise on Total Airport Management (TAM) has been carried out in the Airport Control Center Simulator (ACCES) facility of the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance. This exercise is a part...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation Air Transportation and Safety

Human Factors & Training

This area comprises expertise, methodologies and facilities about the integration of the human element in highly automated system in order to enhance safety and capacity of air transportation.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation Air Transportation and Safety

Air Transport as Class in the School Lab

The DLR School Lab has been established in order to introduce students to the research topics at DLR and to raise their general interest in DLR through experiments. Furthermore, it purposefully serves...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Total Airport Management (TAM)

TAM is aiming at the optimal use of airport resources by means of enhanced coordination of the airport processes. The Airport Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) intensifying the exchange of informati...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

Intermediate Stop Operation

Today’s long-range aircraft are able to operate on very long intercontinental hauls. Nevertheless, these routes just make up a small part of the actual flown ones. This reserve in range leads to a sub...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance
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