Air Transportation and Safety

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Airport Research and Innovation Facility Hamburg

The Airport Research and Innovation Facility (ARIF) at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airport is a test and validation platform for ATM concept elements in the operational environment of an international airport...
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Airport Research

The Airport Research focuses on the implementation of the ACARE goals to improve traffic flow at airports. The main focus here is on landside airport management and airport simulation. The followi...
Related Topics: Traffic Development Air Transportation and Safety


Computational Fluid Dynamics is a key enabler for meeting the strategic goals of future air transportation. However, the limitations of today’s numerical tools reduce the scope of innovation in aircra...
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Our Maintenance Shop is an LBA-approved “Luftfahrttechnischer Betrieb” (Aeronautical Workshop). It assures technical support for the DLR aircrafts stationed in Brunswick. This includes maintenance and...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety

RailDriVE®: Railway Driving and Validation Environment

The Institute of Transportation Systems has developed the RailDriVE® testing and measurement vehicle for the testing and development of continuous on-board positioning systems. This road-rail vehicle ...
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HySpex delivery

Right on schedule at the end of the year, the Norsk Elektro Optikk (NEO) company supplied DLR’s Earth Observation Center (EOC) in Oberpfaffenhofen with an airborne hyperspectral system, HySpex. Consis...
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