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Performance Tests for the Comparsion of Sleep Deprivation, Oxygen Deficiency and Alcohol

The effects of a shortened duration of sleep on the human performance has been examined in several studies in the Arbeitsmedizinische Simulationsanlage (medical simulation facility) AMSAN. The examina...
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Construction and infrastructure

:envihab will be constructed and equipped for the simulation and generation of diverse environmental conditions. In the so-designed modules it will be possible to reduce the oxygen content to 10% whic...
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MOSES - More Operational Flight Security through increased Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness is a commonly used term in aviation. This project focussed on comprising and operationalizing the term "situation awareness". Therefor a metrological approach was proved through ex...
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Successful start of Neurolab experiment aboard ISS to measure performance and psychophysiological arousal during docking training

For the first time, cosmonaut Michail Kornienko and U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly have now tested an enhanced Neurolab experiment on performance in a mission relevant operation aboard ISS. The third gene...
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