Aerospace Medicine

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Decompression Problems in Space

Due to Henry's Law, organisms saturate themselves with the nitrogen contained in the air we breathe. Decompression problems may occur if the surrounding pressure is diminished. When the pressure is di...
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CO2 Study

As it is a closed system, it is possible to set the medical pressure chamber laboratory to different environmental conditions (e.g. different temperatures, different pressures and different gas mixtur...
Related Topics: Man/System Technology and Life Support Aerospace Medicine

Human Factors

The most important goals of the research activities in the field of Ergonomics / Human Factors are the definition of user requirements and the empirical evaluation of human-machine-interfaces (HMIs)...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Aerospace Medicine

Simple Fleet - Democratizing Fleet Management

SimpleFleet will be a one-stop solution for SMEs for tracking solutions and has as its ultimate goal the commoditization of tracking and fleet management services. In May 2012 the project Simple fleet...
Related Topics: Aerospace Medicine

Target areas / Branches of research

The Department of Aviation and Space Psychology at DLR is involved in many areas of research. Current research is taking place in the areas Selection and training of aviation personnel, aptitude ass...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aircraft Communications and Navigation Aerospace Medicine

RapTOr: Remote Tower Operation with Augmented Vision Videopanorama Human System Interface

Remote Tower Operation (RTO) describes the goal of remote control of small airports and of movement areas of large airports which are not directly visible from the tower. The controllers direct far vi...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine
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