Aerospace Medicine

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Successful start of Neurolab experiment aboard ISS to measure performance and psychophysiological arousal during docking training

For the first time, cosmonaut Michail Kornienko and U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly have now tested an enhanced Neurolab experiment on performance in a mission relevant operation aboard ISS. The third gene...
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Studying the effect of aircraft noise on children's sleep

A globally unique programme of field research has been designed to address the effect of aircraft noise on children's sleep. Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und...
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Investigation on cumulative psycho-physiological effects on flight crews

The DLR (German Aerospace Center) Insitute for Aerospace Medicine has been working on questions concerning the stress and work-load of flight crews for several years. Until now only single ciculations...
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