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Invitation: Human Physiology Workshop

On Saturday, 10th of December 2016, the Institute of Aerospace Medicine will conduct a workshop on the current research in human physiology. The presentations will be given by researchers at PhD or ea...
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2nd Human Physiology Workshop 9th December 2017

We are pleased to issue a Call for Abstracts for the 2nd German Human Physiology Workshop 2017. The workshop will be held on 9th of December 2017 at :envihab, Cologne. For the second time, the worksho...
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Looking for Up and Down on the Centrifuge: Study at the DLR-Institute of Aerospace Medicine

An ambulant study on the perception of “upright” and the orientation under different gravity conditions is carried out on one of the two short arm human centrifuges at DLR. The Institute of Aerospace ...
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Successful start of Neurolab experiment aboard ISS to measure performance and psychophysiological arousal during docking training

For the first time, cosmonaut Michail Kornienko and U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly have now tested an enhanced Neurolab experiment on performance in a mission relevant operation aboard ISS. The third gene...
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