Aerospace Medicine

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Stress and Fatigue in Helicopter Pilots of the Air Rescue Services

The helicopter based emergency medical services operate between sunrise and sundown, implicating up to 15.5 h duty time for helicopter pilots during summer time. Here, it is possible for the hours of ...
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Decompression Problems in Space

Due to Henry's Law, organisms saturate themselves with the nitrogen contained in the air we breathe. Decompression problems may occur if the surrounding pressure is diminished. When the pressure is di...
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Appropriate decision making – Thorsten Riedlinger about the Tsunami decision support system

The purpose of the Tsunami decision support system DSS is timely warning of the possibly affected population of the approaching wave. Torsten Riedlinger, responsible Project Coordinator of DLR (German...
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CO2 Study

As it is a closed system, it is possible to set the medical pressure chamber laboratory to different environmental conditions (e.g. different temperatures, different pressures and different gas mixtur...
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