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Target areas / Branches of research

The Department of Aviation and Space Psychology at DLR is involved in many areas of research. Current research is taking place in the areas Selection and training of aviation personnel, aptitude ass...
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Jet-Lag is the synonym for a number of health-related symptoms that may be caused by flying through several time-zones in long-distance flights. The symptoms are: sleep disturbances, unusual fatigue, ...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine

Looking for Up and Down on the Centrifuge: Study at the DLR-Institute of Aerospace Medicine

An ambulant study on the perception of “upright” and the orientation under different gravity conditions is carried out on one of the two short arm human centrifuges at DLR. The Institute of Aerospace ...
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The DLR Autonomous Industrial Mobile Manipulator (AIMM) consists of a mobile platform and manipulator from KUKA and at DLR has been extended by a gripper, a pan-tilt unit and multiple sensors to allow...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Aerospace Medicine

Human-Computer Interactive Image Understanding

In DLR’s Earth Observation Center (EOC), petabytes of satellite image data are processed, stored and administered, presenting new opportunities and challenges, such as how to exploit this big data.
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine
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