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Visualization of Geodata

DFD-WV is applying sophisticated visualization techniques for the intuitive presentation of complex scientific data sets. The primary objective of DFD-WV is to display research results of DLR intellig...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine

Human Factors

The most important goals of the research activities in the field of Ergonomics / Human Factors are the definition of user requirements and the empirical evaluation of human-machine-interfaces (HMIs)...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Aerospace Medicine

Investigation of the operability of noise-optimised approaches by pilots

Within the research area „Quiet Traffic“ a new approach procedure was examined with respect to flight safety and acceptance by pilots. Two procedures – a standard approach (LDLP) and a procedure that ...
Related Topics: Research and Support Facilities (Air) Acoustics Behavioral Sciences

ViTo- Virtual Tower

Virtual Tower (Acronym ViTo) is the vision of a future control center for airport ground traffic management (including approach and departure) without the direct far view out of tower windows, i.e. wi...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine

Automated Aids for safe and efficient Vessel Traffic Processes (A++Set)

Leading principle during navigation of vessels is the avoidance of collision and groundings to protect life, goods, and the maritime living space. However, a virtually unchanged number of ships’ accid...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine

Direct Return of Timothy Peake ended

After spending 186 days in space, European Astronaut Timothy Peake returned to ‘base’, the European Astronaut Center (EAC), in June, to undergo medical checks, initiate his rehabilitation program, par...
Related Topics: Aerospace Medicine Exobiology Behavioral Sciences
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