Behavioral Sciences

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Human Factors

The most important goals of the research activities in the field of Ergonomics / Human Factors are the definition of user requirements and the empirical evaluation of human-machine-interfaces (HMIs)...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Aerospace Medicine

Investigation of the operability of noise-optimised approaches by pilots

Within the research area „Quiet Traffic“ a new approach procedure was examined with respect to flight safety and acceptance by pilots. Two procedures – a standard approach (LDLP) and a procedure that ...
Related Topics: Research and Support Facilities (Air) Acoustics Behavioral Sciences

ViTo- Virtual Tower

Virtual Tower (Acronym ViTo) is the vision of a future control center for airport ground traffic management (including approach and departure) without the direct far view out of tower windows, i.e. wi...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine

Automated Aids for safe and efficient Vessel Traffic Processes (A++Set)

Leading principle during navigation of vessels is the avoidance of collision and groundings to protect life, goods, and the maritime living space. However, a virtually unchanged number of ships’ accid...
Related Topics: Air Transportation and Safety Behavioral Sciences Aerospace Medicine

Integrative Muscle Physiology

Influence of long-term unloading (e.g. microgravity, bed rest), different kinds of muscle training, changes of blood flow, blood- and tissue volume and nutrition on the human skeletal-muscle; diagnosi...
Related Topics: Aerospace Medicine Behavioral Sciences
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