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New technologies for the exploration of Mars tested in a British mine

In the first week of April, twenty European scientists met at Boulby Mine in the UK to begin testing technologies for the exploration of Mars and hunting for deep subsurface life that will aid scienti...
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Astrobiology Lecture Course Network (ABC-Net)
Wintersemester 2009/2010

Once again in this winter semester an international Astrobiology Lecture Course (ABC-Net, organized by ESA) will be given. The individual lectures can be retrieved via internet.
Related Topics: Exobiology

Life under extreme environmental conditions

For laboratory experiments under simulated planetary and space conditions the Planetary and Space Simulation Facilites (space simulation test beds) of the Radiation Biology Division have been further ...
Related Topics: Exobiology Environment Pollution Geophysics Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration

Astronauts go caving on their way to space

From Saturday 17 September, astronauts from ESA, NASA, JAXA and ROSCOSMOS were living and working in the dark and humid underground environment for five days on their CAVES ‘mission’ - a unique underg...
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