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First Helmholtz Research School in the DLR starts in 2009: SpaceLife

The DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Cologne, Germany offers in cooperation with the universities of Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, Kiel, Regensburg and with associated partners an excellent and interdisc...
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What makes humans remarkable is the high level of creativity and self-reflection. More than ever before, this cognitive faculty obliges us to act in a rational way. Never before has the planet been in...
Related Topics: Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields Qualification Exobiology Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance

The DLR SpaceMouse (1981–1993)

At the end of the seventies, the DLR institute for robotics and mechatronics started research on devices for the 6 DoF control of robot grippers in Cartesian space. In 1982-1985, the first prototype a...
Related Topics: Exobiology Electronics and Electrical Engineering Behavioral Sciences Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Aerospace Medicine


Die Anlage :enviBio ("envihab - Biology") stellt eine Laborumgebung bereit, in der mikrobiologische Forschungsarbeiten durchgeführt werden. Die vorhandene Grundausstattung und die räumlichen Eigenscha...
Related Topics: Exobiology Man/System Technology and Life Support System Analysis

Rodent cells for biological dosimetry

Mammalian cell culture research has been progressively helpful in investigating the influence of different environmental conditions on viability, productivity and cytogenetic effects. From the obtaine...
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Designation of Dr. Ralf Möller as „DLR Senior Scientist“

Dr. Ralf Möller, scientific staff member of the Department of Radiation Biology of the Institute of Aerospace Medicine at the German Aerospace Center, was honored as „DLR Senior Scientist“. The prize ...
Related Topics: Exobiology

Copper and its alloys, fascinating materials: 1st prize for SpaceLife PhD student Claudia Hahn

Claudia Hahn, staff member of the Radiation Biology Department, was awarded the first poster prize at the annual meeting of GfKORR - Society for Corrosion Protection. The topic of this year’s meeting ...
Related Topics: Exobiology
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