Aircraft Communications and Navigation

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Aeronautical Communications

A main topic of the research group “Aeronautical Communications” is to develop future digital data link systems for aviation. In particular, new aeronautical communications systems for Air Traffic Con...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation


For a safe and efficient handling of the complex, networked processes in flight guidance and air traffic management, human operators such as pilots, air traffic controllers and airport personnel need ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Apron and Tower Simulator (ATS)

The Apron and Tower Simulator (ATS) presents the controller working positions at the airport. The ATS allows new systems and procedures for air traffic management at the airport and in the terminal co...
Related Topics: Research and Support Facilities (Air) Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Flow Monitor

The Flow Monitor for approach control was developed and integrated at the Frankfurt airport under contract of the German Air navigation Organisation DFS and is in operation since 1993.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

27.10.2014 - Air meets Space: fusion of aeronautics and astronautics consolidated through certification

DLR GfR mbH is the world’s first Space Control Centre that has been certified as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) of CNS services (communications, navigation and surveillance) for air traffic...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Vehicular Applications Group

The research interests of the Vehicular Applications Group lie in the area of novel systems that combine robust navigation, ad-hoc communications and information processing. We are addressing applicat...
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RapTOr: Remote Tower Operation with Augmented Vision Videopanorama Human System Interface

Remote Tower Operation (RTO) describes the goal of remote control of small airports and of movement areas of large airports which are not directly visible from the tower. The controllers direct far vi...
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