Aircraft Communications and Navigation

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Aircraft Position, Velocity and Attitude

The Honeywell Laserref Innertial Reference System (IRS) uses ring laser gyros and servo accelerometers to measure horizontal, vertical and angular acceleration in the Cartesian aircraft reference syst...
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Two groups of the institute are contributing to ATENAA: The Optical Communications Group inside section Digital Networks and the Antenna Group of section Navigation.
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Airspace and En-route Traffic Management

This area of experise consists of conceptual and operational know-how about the ATS from a holistic point of view including the overall flow management (CFMU) as well as the en-route traffic managemen...
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Operational Concepts

The comprehensive implementation of new operational concepts has to go beyond individual human-machine cooperation and must aim at an improved cooperation between all team players.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Operations Control

Our goal is to enhance and improve safety and efficiency of airports by applying a holistic approach with comprehensive operations control systems. We create system-of-systems analyses, design innova...
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