Aircraft Communications and Navigation

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Operational Concepts

The comprehensive implementation of new operational concepts has to go beyond individual human-machine cooperation and must aim at an improved cooperation between all team players.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

A-SMGCS analyses

From the beginning DLR gives direction to the A-SMGCS concepts and affects the standardisation. Essential contributions as management, test concepts and prototypes of subsystems are supplied. Follo...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Systems Evaluation

The research facilities of the Institute of Flight Guidance provide the backbone for comprehensive demonstration and validation of newly developed systems and procedures in flight guidance and air tra...
Related Topics: Airport Management Research and Support Facilities (Air) Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Performance assessment and monitoring

The Institute has a long tradition in performance evaluation, e.g. performing GLONASS integrity monitoring in the late 1990’s. Today, a key activity is the monitoring of the ionosphere. The ionosphere...
Related Topics: Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Aircraft Communications and Navigation Geophysics

EMMA + EMMA2 ( 2004 - 06 - 08 )

The A-SMGCS project EMMA aims to become the most significant R&D contribution to the Vision 2020 goals in its A-SMGCS subject in the 2004 to 2008 timeframe by maturing and validating the A-SMGCS conce...
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation Aircraft Communications and Navigation Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Air Transport Research

The Air Transport Research investigates the possible future developments of air transport and analyses its capabilities and impacts. The main focus here is on the development of an environmentally ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Human Factors & Training

This area comprises expertise, methodologies and facilities about the integration of the human element in highly automated system in order to enhance safety and capacity of air transportation.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation Air Transportation and Safety

Target areas / Branches of research

The Department of Aviation and Space Psychology at DLR is involved in many areas of research. Current research is taking place in the areas Selection and training of aviation personnel, aptitude ass...
Related Topics: Behavioral Sciences Aircraft Communications and Navigation Aerospace Medicine

Data link station

The famous landmark of the data link station is the antenna tower which is 30 metres high and is situated in the north of the Koppehaus. A parabolic antenna with a diameter of 3 metres can be moved in...
Related Topics: Communications and Radar Aircraft Communications and Navigation
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