Aircraft Communications and Navigation

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Next Steps towards the Virtual Tower

Second Remote Tower Operation Workshop Braunschweig As a conclusion of the DLR-Project “RapTOr” (Remote Airport Tower Operation Research, 2005 - 2007) the Institute of Flight Guidance successfully ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation


The Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) is a satellite-based precision landing system for aircraft. At Braunschweig-Wolfsburg airport, the Institute for Flight Guidance operates its own GBAS stati...
Related Topics: Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Aircraft Communications and Navigation

SANDRA – Demonstration of Networking the Sky

Under the leadership of the Institute of Communications and Navigation, a new system that will lead pilots into the digital world of the 21st century has been tested in flight trials. The European res...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Systems Evaluation

The research facilities of the Institute of Flight Guidance provide the backbone for comprehensive demonstration and validation of newly developed systems and procedures in flight guidance and air tra...
Related Topics: Airport Management Research and Support Facilities (Air) Aircraft Communications and Navigation

A-SMGCS analyses

From the beginning DLR gives direction to the A-SMGCS concepts and affects the standardisation. Essential contributions as management, test concepts and prototypes of subsystems are supplied. Follo...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Air Transport Research

The Air Transport Research investigates the possible future developments of air transport and analyses its capabilities and impacts. The main focus here is on the development of an environmentally ...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Tredici Award for Dr. Claudia Stern, DLR-Institute of Aerospace Medicine

Dr. Claudia Stern, Head of the DLR-Flight Medicine Clinic, received the “Thomas J. and Margaret D. Tredici Award” of the Aerospace Medical Association. The prize is presented for the most significant ...
Related Topics: Aerospace Medicine Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Human Factors & Training

This area comprises expertise, methodologies and facilities about the integration of the human element in highly automated system in order to enhance safety and capacity of air transportation.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation Air Transportation and Safety


Design of ADvanced ANtenna and Multi-Sensor HYbrid Receiver for Machine Control in HarSh Environments. Nowadays machine control applications such as precision agriculture, construction (land and offsh...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation
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