Aircraft Communications and Navigation

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Data link station

The famous landmark of the data link station is the antenna tower which is 30 metres high and is situated in the north of the Koppehaus. A parabolic antenna with a diameter of 3 metres can be moved in...
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Successfull Gaming Exercise on Total Airport Management in FP6 project EPISODE-3

A first gaming exercise on Total Airport Management (TAM) has been carried out in the Airport Control Center Simulator (ACCES) facility of the DLR Institute of Flight Guidance. This exercise is a part...
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A-HMI Advanced Human Machine Interface

For interaction with the AFMS and in order to harmonize the human machine interfaces on the flight deck the Airborne Human Machine Interface (AHMI) is being developed as a first step.
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Air-Ground Integration

This area of expertise comprises the operational and technical know-how about concepts, procedures and tools related to the integration of airborne and ground ATM systems. The area of expertise conce...
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Precision Navigation System

Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS4) and AEROcontrol for Aerial Survey Flight Missions (manufactured by IGI Germany)
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