Aircraft Communications and Navigation

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Precision Navigation System

Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS4) and AEROcontrol for Aerial Survey Flight Missions (manufactured by IGI Germany)
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In the research project HETEREX, the Institute for Communication and Navigation is involved in work package 2 "Communcation, Navigation and Surveillance". HETEREX is funded by the Federal Ministry of ...
Related Topics: Avionics and Aircraft Instrumentation Aircraft Communications and Navigation

TAMS - Total Airport Management Suite

Airports are the central nodes of our air transport system, and also serve as interfaces with other modes of transport. Their collective problems can only be addressed through a thorough, comprehensiv...
Related Topics: Aircraft Communications and Navigation

Generic Experimental Cockpit (GECO)

The Generic Experimental Cockpit (GECO) is a modular cockpit simulator with flight-mechanical models of the DLR test aircraft ATTAS. The flight-mechanical models are interchangeable, depending on the ...
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Flying Wildlife Finder: Award for Animal Conservation Project

Every year, over 100,000 fawns are injured or killed by farming equipment in Germany. Young deer crouch down when danger threatens instead of fleeing, and thus become casualties. The "Flying Wildlife ...
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Competition of the best ideas: DLR providing special prizes

Two competitions for ideas, over 30 individual awards, and an impressive presentation ceremony: On 25 October 2012 the winners of the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) and of GMES Maste...
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