Numerical Analysis

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Buckling of fuselages until collapse

Presently the development of fast simulation tools for the post buckling behavior of fuselages is based on panel level, typically comprising a segment of 2-3 frames and 5-10 stringers.
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Numerical Analysis Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance

Distributed Post-Processing

Deployment of a scalable HPC-Software-Infrastructure for distributed interactive Post-processing
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Remote Sensing Complex PRIRODA

In the second quarter of 1994 there will be launched and docked to the Russian space station MIR a dedicated remote sensing module named PRIRODA. Originally the launch was planned for the end of 1993,...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Spacecraft Design, Testing and Performance Oceanography Numerical Analysis Meteorology and Climatology Solar Physics


TENT is a software integration and workflow management system that simplifies work by means of simulation process chains in distributed environments. In TENT all tools of a simulation can be integrate...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Integration with Globus / Grid

The goal of this integration was to add the Grid-functionalities of the Globus Toolkit to the existing TENT solutions for resource selection, application starting and data transfer, and in some cases ...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis
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