Numerical Analysis

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Grid Computing

Grid Computing is a new base technology that is increasingly important for the efficient utilization of distributed computing and storage resources. This technology is especially useful for complex nu...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Aeroelastic Simulation

The Aeroelastic Simulation Department focuses on the numerical analysis of aeroelastic problems. Investigations for transport aircraft, small aircraft, turbomachines and rotorcraft are performed in cl...
Related Topics: Aircraft Stability and Control Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics Numerical Analysis Aircraft Design, Testing and Performance Aerodynamic

CTEM – Combined ThermoElectric Measurement

The CTEM – an in-house development of DLR in cooperation with the University of Halle-Wittenberg (Germany) – provides automated simultaneous measurements of the Seebeck coefficient, the thermal and el...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis

Projected Pattern Correlation (PROPAC) / Reflected Pattern Correlation (REPAC)

Das Messverfahren, “Projected Pattern Correlation” (PROPAC), stellt eine einfache Methode dar, um Oberflächenabweichungen quantitativ zu bestimmen. Typische Anwendungen sind beispielsweise die Erfassu...
Related Topics: Numerical Analysis
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