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Sound propagation

Noise is one of the most important environmental problems in the vicinity of traffic infrastructures such as airports, roads and railway lines. Traffic noise originates from propulsion, wheels and air...
Related Topics: Acoustics

Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology (IAS)

The Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology is a leading research institute in the field of aerodynamics/aeroacoustics of airplanes and aerothermodynamics of space vehicles. It has two main site...
Related Topics: Acoustics Aerodynamic

Traffic noise and sound propagation

Traffic generates noise which impairs the well-being and health of humans. The institute deals with the propagation of traffic noise from both road and rail. It develops and operates simulation models...
Related Topics: Acoustics

Numerical Methods

As the computational power of computers increases the application of high-end numerical methods continues to allow ever greater insight into the complex flow physics of modern turbomachines and theref...
Related Topics: Acoustics Aerodynamic
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