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Beyond their task to serve as airborne demonstrators for future spaceborne missions our lidar systems are frequently used in scientific campaigns, both national and international, ranging from tropica...
Related Topics: Geophysics Optics Meteorology and Climatology

Pre-launch campaign in Iceland for the ADM-Aeolus satellite mission

Scientists from the DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics travelled to Iceland for the last of a series of DLR-led technology demonstration campaigns for ESA’s meteorological satellite mission, ADM-Aeo...
Related Topics: Geophysics Meteorology and Climatology Optics

Active Optical Systems

The department Active Optical Systems is involved in the development of methods of wavefront control being emitted and received by optical systems. These methods are utilized for active imaging and fo...
Related Topics: Lasers and Masers Electronics and Electrical Engineering Optics Meteorology and Climatology
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