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Active Optical Systems

Space debris detection and the use of laser effectors with beam propagation over long distances through the atmosphere in the areas of security and defence require a cross-technology combination of la...
Related Topics: Optics

Engine Measurement Systems
Dr. Christian Willert

Aufgaben: Entwicklung und Anwendung optische Lasermessverfahren für die Analyse aerothermodynamischer Vorgänge in Turbomaschinen. - Experimentorientierte Verfahrensoptimierung zur Erzielung bestmögl...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Optics

Optic, Calibration und Validation

The Institute for Optical Sensor Systems operates in Berlin-Adlershof in the department Optics, Calibration and Validation laboratories for the spectral, radiometric and geometric calibration of optic...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Earth Resources and Remote Sensing Optics

MERTIS – an Imaging Spectrometer for the Space Mission BepiColombo

MERTIS (MErcury Radiometer and Thermal In-frared Spectrometer) is one of the scientific payloads of the ESA deep space mission BepiCo-lombo. BepiColombo will be launched in 2015 toward Mercury to obse...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Optics Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
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