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System Theory and Verification

Within the development of complex opto-electronic systems system theory and verification are considered at the beginning and at the end of the developing cycle. Therefore the importance of the tasks o...
Related Topics: Electronics and Electrical Engineering Optics

Dosimetry in the space

In order to measure single components of the cosmic radiation field during single missions, different types of dosimeters have been developed and used. There two basic groups of dosimeters : active an...
Related Topics: Space Radiation Atomic and Molecular Physics Solid-State Physics Optics

Forward looking Doppler lidar for detection of aircraft wake vortices

The wake vortices generated by heavy aircraft can be a potential hazard for other aircraft flying too close to these vortices. Therefore, the development of a forward-looking sensor for the detection ...
Related Topics: Geophysics Optics

MERTIS Phase C2/D Kick-off

MERTIS (MErcury Radiometer and Thermal In-frared Spectrometer) is one of the scientific payloads of the ESA deep space mission BepiCo-lombo. BepiColombo will be launched in 2014 toward Mercury to obse...
Related Topics: Instrumentation and Photography Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Optics
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